Privacy & Cookies Policy


Personal Data We Collect

Personal information is information that you give us about yourself in order to benefit from our services. As such, it may include details such as:

- Your name, job information, contact details (including an e-mail address)

- Your preferences in terms of the different types of communications that you prefer to receive

Much of this information is optional. Where you do provide it, it will enhance your use of the website and our services. Where information is not compulsory, this will be clearly marked.

Use of Personal Data

Personal data usage will be advised of at the time of the collection and extend to what is covered within this Policy. Your personal data is kept on a secure system and staff with access are contractually bound to keep this information confidential.

The IUDRO uses Cookies on our website, to collect information on the areas accessed, frequency, and preferences – this information will help the IUDRO provide high quality service to you and also understand your particular needs and interests.

When interacting with the IUDRO we will always require an email address for either confirmation of the required service or administrative purposes. Upon recording your email address, we will provide you with the opportunity to opt-in to other IUDRO updates. If you choose not to opt-in we will then only communicate with you on the basis of servicing your request.

As a IUDRO member, your personal data will be used to send you information as part of your membership subscription, for example, regular monthly publications, newsletter, updates on regional, national and international events and activities. As a member of the IUDRO we will use your personal data for administrative purposes which includes informing you of any changes to the IUDRO, voting notices and reminder purposes (if applicable) and membership renewal reminders. Other examples where the IUDRO will process your personal data:

- Prospective members, universities, and clientele: The IUDRO collects personal data based on enquiries received on membership, student registration, outreach services, events – this information will be used to respond to the particular enquiry and to send you regular updates on the latest offerings of the IUDRO. We also use this information to have a better understanding of potential membership requirements to enable the IUDRO to deliver relevant, up-to-date benefits.

- Financial information: If a membership fee or any other transactional payment is paid by Direct Debit, the IUDRO collects bank account details to enable the transaction to be processed. For Credit Card payments the IUDRO does not retain any credit card information as all payments are made directly through a third party provider (Bank); any hard copies of credit card information received by the IUDRO are processed and immediately destroyed securely.

- Diversity and Inclusion: The IUDRO will collect sensitive personal data (gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, only if you have opted to provide this information), which will be used to ensure we are fully meeting the needs of our members and other stakeholders. The data may also be used for internal or external reporting purposes where permission has been given. All reporting will remain anonymous. 

- Surveys: We may invite you to participate on various surveys online. Your responses will be anonymised, unless you have advised otherwise. The responses gathered through the survey will be assessed and reported on an aggregated basis. This will be published online and will be used to inform the IUDRO on its marketing, policy and service offerings.

- Employment requests: The IUDRO will receive requests from employers, employment agencies, or other third-party contact to confirm your membership grade and/or professional registration with the IUDRO. This information will only be provided if a consent form, signed by you, is submitted along with the request.

- Corporate Partners & Universities: To provide a high level of service to our Corporate Partners & Universities we will communicate with you on various offerings such as upcoming Briefings, Conferences and other key activities within the IUDRO. 

Why do we collect this information

To provide the services requested, the IUDRO will collect your personal information, to deliver these services. Typically, we will use your personal information to:

- Service our Corporate Partners. We will collect details for key points of contacts which will include details such as, name, date of birth, email address, job title, etc.

- Service our members, we will communicate with you on beneficial and necessary membership offerings which enables access to networking with other professionals, attendance to conferences and events at discounted rates, as well as a whole host of other resources. The IUDRO uses an integrated system therefore, we will use your personal data to communicate with you, to keep you informed about the IUDRO, using direct mail, or email.

- fulfil your request of information (as a non-member) from the IUDRO, for attendance to conferences / events, subscribing to IUDRO publications, purchasing branded souvenirs, providing business cards (at various event / meetings) to be informed of the IUDRO activities.

Promotions & Marketing

At IUDRO hosted events we will sometimes use video, photograph or other medium, and we will advise you of this in advance of the event taking place.  These images / videos or other medium will be used by the IUDRO to share content / output across the global IUDRO network, in various marketing material which include brochures, websites, social media. It may not always be possible to receive consent for such usage and therefore we will in this instance, through attending the event, have your consent. If you will like to be specifically excluded, you should contact the relevant event organiser prior to the event.

Sharing / selling data to third parties: Your data is never sold or made available to a third party, without your permission.

Subject Access Requests

You may request to see whether we are processing your personal data, what personal data is being processed, and for what purpose. You may only request information pertaining to you. You will be asked to verify your identity prior to being provided with the requested information.

To make this request:

  1. Submit a request via the enquiry form
  2. We will      send you a form to complete. The form includes information to verify your      identity as well as a place to be specific about what data you would like      to see.
  3. Return the      completed form via the received email address
  4. Within 30      days of receiving the completed form and verifying your identity, we will      collect information that exists and provide it to you in a secure manner.

Oupt Out

We will always give you the option to opt out of any communications in the future - You can unsubscribe to email communications by clicking the unsubscribe link.


The IUDRO takes security and data privacy of all our stakeholders of utmost importance. We take the necessary steps (within our control) to ensure we protect your information, either done online or offline. You should keep your log-in details and password secure, as you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this information.

The IUDRO's websites have links to external sites or other microsites (i.e. operated by the IUDRO, with different domain names) and these sites will have its’ own Privacy Policy. Please make yourself aware of other Privacy Policy once you exit the IUDRO's website.


Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer / device by websites that you visit. They are widely used to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site. Internet browsers accept cookies by default, but it is possible to set a browser to reject cookies. Unless you have adjusted your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies as soon as you visit our site.

The IUDRO uses cookies to provide a better user experience when visiting our site. We will use the information provided by cookies to report on visitor usage, navigation and to also help us create a more interactive experience and one based on your preferences. These cookies will not be used to identify you in any way.

Cookies may be retained on your device once you have exited the IUDRO's website, which are facilitated by external organisation and usually referred to as third party cookies. You can read more about the types of cookies operated by the IUDRO and more information on how to deactivate cookies on our Cookies Policy.

Further reading on cookies can be found at or, which provides good general advise on how you can manage cookies on your computer.